Speaking at Flash Camp St. Louis

I’m excited to be speaking at Flash Camp St. Louis coming up very soon on September 3rd. Come get a jump on your holiday weekend and join us at the City Museum for a full day of great sessions and mingling.

Be sure to register right away. Space is limited, and it’s only $60 for a full day of sessions, lunch, and probably some free giveaways.

I really hope that my session will have some appeal for both developers and designers. I’ll be focusing on asset management in more advanced, dynamic, or heavier projects. When you have a Flash project with a lot of logic and thus code, and you’re talking to databases and social networks, you find that working with just a Flash FLA file isn’t enough. But how can you continue to utilize the strengths of Flash Pro for animation, composite components, vectors, and general layout? And what do you do about video, audio, social network content, xml, json, and other data sources?

I’ll be looking at different ways to address these questions, the developer and designer workflows involved, and the libraries and tools I’ve found most useful in the process.

To wet your appetite, here is an 18 minute screencast I put together covering one such strategy, the use of a SWC file to provide assets to an Actionscript or Flex project.

Use Flash Pro Assets in Actionscript and Flex Projects from David Ortinau on Vimeo.

In this screencast I use one of my favorite tools, FDT from PowerFlasher. I don’ think I mention it in the screencast, so let me highlight the 2 keystroke combinations you need to master in order to unleash all of the amazing tricks you’ll see me do.

Quick Fix - CMD + 1 (CTRL + 1 on the PC I think)
This fixes missing imports, generates var declarations, initiates new classes, generates handlers, and on and on

Code Complete - CTRL + SPACE
This keystroke is also present in Flash Builder, but has some extra oomph it seems in FDT. Type part of anything and hit it to see options on what you might mean. Also generate constructors or other code blocks.

Hope to see you at Flash Camp!

Flash Camp St. Louis

September 3, 2010
9am - 4pm
The City Museum

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