Practical Interaction Design for Developers: Slides and Code

This summer we had a fantastic Designer/Developer Workflow Conference (D2WC) run by Dee Sadler. I love the mix of visual creatives and code slingers all putting their minds together to learn from each other and discover better ways to work together towards amazing results. It’s great to dive deep into our own core disciplines, but we cannot neglect our teammates and understanding what it takes to work together.

Anyone who’s played an organized sport knows on some level that you need to know something about all of the positions in order to play your position well.

Here are the slides from my presentation, “Practical IxD for Developers”. It’s full of great quotes and references to books that I highly recommend. They are also listed on my bookshelf.

And the code demo from the end of the presentation is below showing basic data binding and how to manage transitions via custom Layouts.

Code Demo:



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