In my Flash components panel right now…

To follow up on the ASP.NET controls that I regularly use, I thought I'd share the handy Flash components that have helped me solve a problem or two and save me a little time along the way.

Accordian Panel V3 (Jumpeye) - this is a nice and versatile control as far as accordians go. I was able to skin it extensively and achieve the site designers desired interface (

Bit Component Set ( - this is a very lightweight set for form controls for AS2. I find it very easy to skin personally, but more importantly for the designers that I work with. And did I mention lightweight? In a recent project I was able to replace native controls with these and the filesize dropped substantially.

Various Filters ( - these are filters that add nice effects when transitioning between images/_mcs.

Flash Tooltip ( - every now and then you just need a little tip

SlideShowPro - the definitive slideshow and gallery component for photos and videos. Like this and this

Sound Player Pro ( -  a slick and easily skinned mp3 player with playlist component. You can hear it used on this site

Ultimate Scroller ( - this is a handy little scroller that'll snap to just about anything you drop it on and scroll it.



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