Xamarin.Forms Tips and Tricks Webinar

I had a great time pulling together Xamarin.Forms content and presenting a webinar yesterday. It came in at a little over an hour, and I think you’ll find it’s chock full of good tips.

The Xamarin.Forms engineering team has been focusing on stability and performance. We’ve tried to really prioritize those tasks above others, and we’re starting to reap the fruits of that labor.

As I talk to customers and interact with developers I’ve realized I don’t highlight enough about some of the great features available NOW in Xamarin.Forms that allow us to achieve better performance and deeper control of the app experience. Sometimes we need a refresher on all the great things we can do.

In this presentation I covered:

  • XAML
  • XAML Compiled (yes faster. much faster)
  • AOT
  • Xamarin.Forms Renderer architecture
  • Platform Specifics
  • Platform Effects
  • Custom Renderers
  • Animations
  • Deep Linking
  • Layout cycle and optimizing for performance
  • ListView performance

Originally I planned to live code it all, but when I practiced this on the first couple of demos it quickly became clear the presentation would take an eternity and a day. I mean, if you want to see me type…nah, nobody does. But if you want to learn some cool stuff, check out the video, grab the slides, clone the demos and kick it around.

Video on Channel 9

Slide Deck

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Xamarin Evolve 2016

I was once again honored to speak at Xamarin Evolve, this time on what is perhaps my favorite topic of designer to developer workflow. I published a written version on the Rendr site: From Sketch to App: Mobile Design to Development Workflow.

You can also see the presentation recording on YouTube. Enjoy!

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St. Louis ALT.NET Meetup: The Rise of Xamarin

We had a great meetup last night and the room was packed! Thanks to everyone that came out and asked such great questions.

I really enjoyed meeting so many new people from in and around the St. Louis .NET community.

And a big thanks also to Xamarin for providing the big box of goodies. They were gone in a blink. Who knew “adults” would be so ravenous for stuffed animal toys?!

There are more links in the presentation, but here are some highlights:

Xamarin Evolve: http://xamarin.com/evolve

Xamarin Blog: http://blog.xamarin.com/

Xamarin Github: https://github.com/xamarin

Xamarin Seminars: http://www.youtube.com/XamarinHQ

Miguel’s Blog: http://tirania.org/blog

Mobile Development in C#: Mobile Development in C#

: http://monkeyspace.org

My GitHub: https://github.com/davidortinau

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