Rage Against the Framework: Flash Camp St. Louis Slides and Code

We had a wonderful turnout at Flash Camp St. Louis. Most impressive were all of the new faces. JP Revel did a fantastic job putting on the event.

In my session, “Rage Against the Framework”, I basically dumped all the tips and tricks and learning I’ve been doing over the past year of Flex 4 work. It’s been, at times, frustrating and slow. But there have also been moments of “Wow, I didn’t realize you could to THAT with Flex!”

We discussed the typical promises the Flex Framework makes to draw us in, such as data binding, components, and skins. While this gets us the majority of the way to where we want to be, we often encounter frustrating hurdles when trying to implement engaging user experiences.

Flex also provides States, State Transitions, and Layouts that, when properly understood and implemented, can help alleviate that frustration and do some really cool things.


Data Binding

Binding Utils

State Transitions




Code Demo:



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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

This past May I had the opportunity to present at XPLANE on a topic I’m very passionate about, Interaction Design. This was a fun joint event with Gateway Chi, the St. Louis usability professionals group, and Flex and Fuse the Arch, my home Flex and Cold Fusion group. 

July looks to be another busy month of speaking for me. If you happen to be near Kansas City or Chicago, and have any interest in Interaction Design and the designer/developer workflow, please come out and join us. As much as I enjoy presenting, I derive much greater pleasure from the ensuing discussions and exchange of knowledge.

July 14-16, 2011
D2W - Designer To Developer Workflow Conference
Crowne Plaza
Kansas City, MO
(I can give you a speaker discount, just contact me)

July 20, 2011
Chicago Flex
Chicago, IL

“The big difference that’s arisen in this new agile world is how integrated the team is. No longer is UX design owned by the UX designers: everyone on the team now has design responsibilities. That means that everyone needs to be informed about what the design is trying to do.”
- Jarod Spool

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360|Flex Slides and Links - How to Scale Your Freelance Business and Maximize Profit

In this session we talked about subcontracting, interviewing, qualifying opportunities, relationships and much more…all leading to a stronger, more profitable business.

One point I didn’t touch on, but which I think is very cool is that scaling goes both up and down. When business slows, we can scale back down to a solo operation without killing our business. And then as things heat up, we can scale to meet those challenges.

Below are the slides from the presentation and additional links to resources I’ve found extremely useful over the years.

Additional Links

The Pipeline - a podcast from Dan Benjamin
RIA Radio - a podcast from Garth Braithwaite and others
The E-Myth Revisited
Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
Making Ideas Happen
The Art of War
The One Minute Manager
Pricing on Purpose: Creating and Capturing Value
First Break All The Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

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