Case Study: Advent Conspiracy

Client: Boxing Clever (agency) and Advent Conspiracy


Design: Boxing Clever


Advent Conspiracy is an organization that promotes a spirit of giving during the holiday season; specifically giving to Living Water International, a group that digs water wells in impoverished nations providing fresh, clean water where dirty, diseased water is the norm.

The core call of the site is the "Enter the Story". The site promotes stories from contributors who are directly involved with this effort around the world. Theses people, whether individuals, churches, or organizations register on the site and submit their story with accompanying photos. Those stories are then plotted on a world map for everyone to share and from which to gain inspiration.

Here's a quick rundown of the functionality:

- Content Management (CMS)

- News blurbs on home page

- Video feature on home page and Videos section

- Membership with special registration

- Story display via world map

- Story management form

- Blog w/ RSS & ATOM

- Opt-in subscription

There are also some workflow issues pertaining to the user registration and story submissions that are handled by the site administrators.

The Tools

We chose to leverage the flexibility and extensibility of Expression Engine for the site, and I'm very pleased with how this turned out. EE, along with very cool modules, extensions and plugins that were employed to make this site work, powers the site itself, the news, the blog, the video section (which is Flash FLVs and/or YouTube), the story data, the registration and membership, and the CMS needs.

For the map and story syndication we ended up going with a Trippermap + Flickr mashup. We researched a variety of mapping solutions and considered Google maps as well as building something ourselves. While the developer in me would have loved to tackle a Google mashup or developed a solution more from the ground up, we just didn't have the time and resources in this project to tackle that. Adding a Flickr account and admin to the mix is an added level of management, but it works well with the necessary workflow at the client to approve and manage the story entries and photos.

So, that's the high level pass at this site. Check it out. [AC] has some great content, especially the videos and brochures in the resources section.

In upcoming posts I'll dig deeper into how these features were implemented.


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