About David Ortinau

I absolutely David Ortinaulove what I do. I've been developing and designing new media projects and enterprise web applications for over 13 years. I make stuff, cool stuff, stuff that gets the job done. I eat, breathe and sleep technology. Rarely am I far from a computer or an iPhone.

Over the years I've worked in advertising, marketing, video production, and software development. My first gig was a trial by fire internet startup. I built servers from scratch, hired contractors, constructed a 24/7 audio streaming solution, and figured out how to broadcast a live event from Moscow (in addition to a half dozen other locations). Everything since those early days seems pretty easy in comparison, but at the time I suppose I didn't know enough to be too freaked out.

Today I function as a freelance developer and strategy consultant. More often than not, I team up with a talented group; sometimes virtual, sometimes part of a global agency. I read of a jazz musician who once said, "if you're the most talented player in the band, you need to find a new band." I am grateful to be surrounded by talented people who drive me to become better in every phase of delivering quality interactive experiences.

At the same time, I recognize that I would not be half of what I am professionally without the kindness and long suffering of many mentors who endured countless, painful hours of questioning. Actually, as it is for so many bloggers, that is much of the motivation for investing time in blogging about my experiences, my struggles and failures, and my successes and breakthroughs.

I definitely love my craft, and it's a constant battle to make sure that that love doesn't bog me down and keep me from hitting deadlines. After all, clients don't typically care what patterns were used, but they certainly will care if a deadline is missed. In a situation where word of mouth is the primary avenue of new business, I make it a priority to earn rave reviews.

With a background in communications and professional writing, I recognize the goal of any medium is communication on some level, and often by that communication some form of persuasion: believe this, buy this, do this, don't do that. I approach projects with goal oriented strategy, choosing the most appropriate technologies in order to achieve specific purposes and quantifiable results.

My project experience spans such mediums as native mobile applications, mobile web, web, flash games, kiosk, e-campaigns, cd-rom, print, and packaging.